Sunday, February 17, 2013

Savannah Odyssey

Pictures from the SavannahWorkshop

We had a great time on the Savannah Workshop, and I'm pleased to say that everyone made great strides in plein air painting.

On the first day we were at a boat ramp on the Moon River. Yes, it's the same Moon River as the Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini tune.  
Because we were setting up in changeable weather, we chose this spot which had a convenient picnic shelter. In fact, we had no problem with raindrops, and everyone painted outside. Here's a bit of the flavor of that spot.

On day two, we painted at the Fort Pulaski National Monument on Cockspur Island in the Savannah River. we painted inside the fort, graced with these lovely arcades, but most people painted looking out the gun embrasures onto the countryside.


Tuesday night it rained cats and dogs, setting a new rainfall record for the day, 2.5" . Fortunately, we were long finished painting, and only had to negotiate a wild drive back to our various lodgings.

Wednesday was better. Here's a view on Skidaway Island where we painted on Wednesday. You can see some of the lingering rainfall from the previous night! I, personally, spent some time trying to find a slot where there were no palmettos in view. I know, I know...but I'm chicken.

And another view.

On Thursday, we went to a spot on Cockspur Island, overlooking the North Channel of the Savannah River. Here's my effort from that day (16x20).


On Friday, our intrepid band assembled in Forsyth Park, one of Savannah's jewels. Here are some photos from there.

Three of us contemplating what we shall paint.

We seem dressed for the Yukon, and most of the Savannahians were wearing many fewer clothes. But it seemed cold to us, notwithstanding that our friends and families were digging out of the great blizzard. We stiffened our resolve, knowing that someone has to paint, en plein air, in February, and we accepted the responsibility.

We had been treated to a remarkable Valentine's dinner the night before, compliments of Deb and Bill who were ensconced in a great apartment. Here's a photo of the lovely table they had awaiting us.

We finally chose our spots at Forsyth Park, and everyone set work.

Below is Lacey, one of the two students we had from SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design). We offered scholarships to two SCAD students, and Lacey and Kassy were nominated by Denise Carson, Chairman of the Painting Department. Neither student had ever painted a plein air landscape before this, yet they acquitted themselves very well.

That's concentration!

And Bill doing the same.

I, personally, had a great time. Kim visited a slew of historic houses, and generally got to know Savannah pretty well. We had some great food, especially the burgers that we were told about at The Green Truck Pub.

Here is the Whole Farm Burger from the Green Truck, featured on the cover of Georgia Magazine. It features the usual ingredients, plus a fried egg. Who knew?


Three of us had dinner at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons, and we had tapas at Jazz'd.

Regrettably, I can't report that I returned thinner than I began. But I'm sure everyone else did.

As we wound down, there was talk of making a winter painting workshop in Savannah into an annual event.  


With the exception of Georgia Magazine, all the photos are courtesy of Deb Vitkosky. 

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  1. Wow!...I missed a really good one. Gorgeous colors in Savannah..your painting nailed that warm earthy orange...beautiful piece. Deb and Bill too..a nice bonus, they are so thoughtful and generous. Looks like y'all had a swell time down yonder. Ooh, and thanks for taking on the heavy burden of painting in February...I tried to get put but my shovel was buried under 3 feet of New Hampshire snow....Lucky dogs.