Monday, June 25, 2012

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Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Ilya Repin, At The Academy Dacha, 1898

When I first began, there were few opportunities to study landscape painting. As a consequence, I feel strongly about sharing what I've learned so far. Here are some class possibilities that may work out for you. If you have yet another suggestion, perhaps a three-day fresco painting workshop on the moon(?), send it along. You never know. 


This class has filled. If you would like to be notified in the event of
another plein air class, please contact me at

This class has filled. To be notified of a future Saturday class, please contact me at


There are a few places left for the Scottish Workshop. Please contact me at
This Workshop is well subscribed, and we're beginning to practice the bagpipes.
Join us! More about it here:

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, February, 2013
ENGLAND June, 2013 and FRANCE June 2013

There has been a great deal of interest in these possible workshops. To be notified as plans are made, please contact me at
I'm beginning to think about next year's workshops, with tentative plans to do one in February in Savannah, Georgia

 and two in June 2013----one in the splendid English countryside:

 and one in la France profonde:

Savannah will be a treat in the middle of a New England winter, both genteel and warm!

I've lived in both England and France, so I think we can assure you of a remarkable time. They are both destinations which welcome spouses, too. (Thus far, we have three spouses coming to Scotland).
It is intended that the two European workshops will each be one week long, with a free week in between for travel, relaxation,
etc. Of course it will be great to have some students for both sessions, enjoying painting the landscapes of these two quite different countries, but it will certainly not be required that anyone attend both sessions.
Please let me know of your initial interest so that we can get on with planning.
10 June-16 June, and 24 June-30 June.
The third possibility, at this stage, would be in either September or October, 2013, depending on location.
Do let me know your ideas. Charleston? Vermont? Chesapeake? The Berkshires? Austria? Holland? etc., etc.


The visit to the MFA, for 16 July, is filled. If you would like  to be notified of a subsequent visits to museums, please contact me at

The visit to the Worcester Art Museum on Thursday, 16 August 2013 is filled. If you would like to be notified of subsequent visits to museums, please contact me at


A long critique will be scheduled for August or early September. If you wish to be notified, please contact me at
Some students have also asked about a 'long critique' class, to which students bring work on which they have been working independently, for criticism and help. Let me know if this appeals to you.
I have been asked by students who live far from New England if I would teach a workshop organized by others (a private group of students, an arts organization, etc) at a US location, or perhaps a location abroad. I will certainly consider a request. Please write to me with the details.
Paint well!

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