Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art Supply List

(We will be painting outdoors, not far from our vehicles but think "light" and "portable"). There are many online art suppliers, Click any of these links to go directly to these sites:

portable pochade box mounted on a photographers tripod for working outside.

Wooden palette

Painting surface
Bring 2 canvases for each painting day. 18x24" or smaller is recommended.
*Wind River Arts carries Linen mounted canvas boards.

From Donald, regarding the palette: You will notice that there are 13 colors plus white, on the suggested palette list. Some of these colors may be new ones to you and some students may be surprised to see no cadmium yellows, cadmium red, or phthalo blue. I personally think that they are too strident for outdoor painting and they definitely require tremendous care to make sure they don't dominate your painting. Mother nature is a girl full of nuance, and I'm sure you'll find your job a great deal easier, and more fun, using this particular palette. The three colors, identified in the photo by asterisks, are required of everyone. Be assured, nonetheless, that we'll figure it out, no matter what odd assortment you bring from your own paint box. And, certainly, bring some of your favorites for show and tell.
(Click on image of palette to enlarge)

Rembrandt mixed white #103 (Titanium-Zinc)
Rembrandt Yellow Ochre Light #228
Rembrandt Naples Yellow Deep #223 *(essential)
Windsor Newton Yellow Ochre 744
Rembrandt Dutch Vermillion Extra #316
Rembrandt Brownish Madder #324 *(essential)
Rembrandt Burnt Umber #409
Rembrandt Ultramarine Blue Deep #506
Winsor Newton Cerulean Blue #137
Winsor Newton Alizarin Crimson permanent #004
Holbein Compose Green #H284
Old Holland Cad Green Light #D44
Holbein Green Gray #H372
Winsor Newton Prussian Green #540 *(essential)

Donald uses (6) round bristle brushes by Raphael Series 358
(3) No. 10
(2) No. 6
(1) No. 2

Paper Towels (Donald uses Scott brand)
B pencil, Kneaded eraser, sharpener
Sketchbook *(Please bring a notebook or sketchbook to the museum visit).
Paint box, bag or backpack to carry supplies
Wet paint carrier (Available at Artmate or Raymar Art).
Appropriate clothing for outdoor painting
*(Average temp for June 5-8 in Perkinsville, VT, High: 73 - 74, Low: 49 -50)

water bottle or drink, snack or fruit
bug spray
portable folding chair if you are uncomfortable standing
Painting umbrella

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