Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Directions (Maudslay / Newburyport)

Maudslay Park, Newburyport, Massachusetts: (Click here for directions)
We will meet in the Maudslay parking lot at 9:00am each morning. Parking is $2.

Donald Jurney Studio: (14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts).

From south: take 95 north toward N.H/Maine. Merge onto RT-110 W/Macy St/John Greenleaf Whittier Hwy via EXIT 58B toward I-495/Amesbury (0.4 mi). Turn slight right onto Elm St. (1.7 mi.). Elm St becomes Market Sq. (0.1 mi). Turn right onto Market St/Market Sq/Rt-150. Continue to follow Market St/RT-150 (0.2 mi). Turn right on Cedar St. (0.7 mi). 14 Cedar St is on left.

From North:

Merge onto I-95 S (Portions toll) (Passing through New Hampshire, then crossing into Massachusetts).

Merge onto I-495 S via EXIT 59 towardWorcester.
2.4 mi

Take the RT-150 N exit, EXIT 54, towardAmesbury.
0.2 mi

Merge onto RT-150-EXT.
0.2 mi

RT-150-EXT becomes RT-150.
0.8 mi

Stay straight to go onto Main St/RT-150 N.
0.2 mi

Turn left to stay on RT-150 N/Main St.
  • Mad River Tavern is on the corner
0.01 mi

Turn right onto Main St/RT-150.
  • Wild Bites is on the right
0.06 mi
Stay straight to go onto Market Sq.
0.02 mi

Turn sharp left to stay on Market Sq.
  • Zac & Ani's Bread is on the corner
  • If you are on Elm St and reach Feeley Ter you've gone a little too far
0.01 mi

Take the 1st right onto Market St/Market Sq/RT-150. Continue to follow Market St/RT-150.
  • Ristorante Molise is on the corner
  • If you are on High St and reach Linwood Plyou've gone a little too far
0.2 mi

Turn right onto Cedar St.
  • Cedar St is just past Union Ct
  • If you are on Market St and reach Belmont Styou've gone a little too far
0.07 mi
16.14 CEDAR ST is on the left.

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