Monday, October 10, 2011

Scotland Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am traveling by air to this workshop, what are the airline guidelines for safely traveling with oil paints and solvents?
A: TSA regulations prohibit more than 3oz of liquid in your carry on luggage. Your best bet is to pack your paints in your suitcase. Liquin and Odorless Mineral Spirits are not allowed in the cargo area of airplanes. Here is an article from the Empty easel website with some great tips and suggestions for traveling with art supplies: (Click here).

Q: I have very little experience painting outdoors, is this workshop appropriate for me?
A: This workshop welcomes participants of all levels and is appropriate for beginners to experienced professionals. There is much to be learned and shared. Donald will discuss and demonstrate the visual language of paint and share ideas about seeing the landscape through the eyes of an artist. In the spirit of peer camaraderie, we will paint side-by-side in this exquisite landscape, sharing a mutual interest and deep affection for the world of art and nature. With the inclusion of Donald's experienced insight and examination of the landscape, we envision this adventure to be more of a rich cultural experience beyond a plein air workshop.

(If you have any questions related to this workshop, please feel free to send them to workshop monitor Todd Bonita and I will do my best to answer any and all of them).


  1. Just a suggestion which I received from Marc Hanson (I think): Courier a package of arts supplies to yourself care of the hotel. DHL or whoever you use can properly package and handle customs and usually guarantee delivery. This avoids the airport security confiscation concern.

  2. Another suggestion: Winsor & Newton, (and most other paint manufacturers) have Safety Data Sheets available on their websites as downloads, and I print them out for the products I'm packing and include them visibly in the suitcase. If the TSA folks have a question about the safety of what you're packing, this answers it - I've never had any problems or anything confiscated. Check everything paint-related in one bag, no solvents or Liquin. Also, I've been told that if questioned, we should call them "art supplies", not "paint".

    1. Thanks, Mary. Very helpful. Please do remember to bring empty bottles to receive the Liquin that I will have for you in Callander. Also bring an empty brush washer can, or another suitable, empty container for paint thinner, which I will also have for you in Callander.